Dotser develop and support web solutions for business with detailed system analysis, custom system processes and innovative cloud technology.

We work with clients to build a detailed specification which states the goals, timeframe, milestones and tasks to develop the most appropriate solution that satisfies users, developers and management, within a specified budget.

  • Competition Management System
    Online competition management with ability to create competitions with name, class/category, subclass/subcategory, sponsor, prizes, entry fee, location, judges/referees, rules, terms and conditions. All competitors required to enter online with contact info, accept terms and conditions, and pay entry fee by credit/debit card. Admin users can input or edit entries, and record payments by cash, cheque, transfer or other.
    Auto compilation of competition programme - ready-for-print (PDF)
    Results are entered to create official results document and 'Payout' automatically creates mail merged payout letters labels to winners.
  • Trade Stand Management System
    Online trade stand management with ability to
  • Travel Management
    Online travel package management system
  • KMK Metals Recycling
    Department productivity management system
  • MyTools
    Online sales platform integrated with in-store retail system
  • Camera Centre
    Online camera sales and order management platform
  • WR Shaw
    Online machinery and parts management system


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