Within your digital marketing strategy identify detailed target audience personas, their online behaviours, and how they will interact with your website.

Digital marketing achieves best results when it appreciates and targets individual personas / personality types.

Segment your target audience into key personas: who, what they like, need, prefer and how will you fulfil their expectations.

Clearly outline your value proposition - why will the ‘customer’ choose you over the competition? Devise a method to communicate this message to your target audience in the respective channel (social media, special interest sites, Google search, email marketing, advertising.)

To maximise effectiveness of your digital marekting strategy you need to build a simple ‘content matrix’ to outline the key messages for each channel and persona.

This is best achieved by researching and setting out:

  • Keywords - Review current search statistics for your target keywords and agree the priority keywords/phrases that you want your business to be found on the first page of natural/organic search results.
  • Content Calendar - Set out a clear plan of campaign

Taking into consideration your market analysis, target audience, goals and overall marketing plan you must devise various channel strategies to attract, convert and keep new and existing customers.

These strategies should include specific reference to your website, natural search ranking (SEO), social media, email marketing, customer relationship management, paid advertising and even traditional advertising. Depending on the size and level of your marketing matrix you may need to consider automating this process where ever possible if resources allow.

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