Dotser is an award-winning web software development company specialising in ecommerce and cloud based business solutions.

Our decades of experience in the development of enterprise systems has enabled our technology to support successful online businesses with web development, ecommerce and performance monitoring software.

Dotser software solutions can be integrated with leading platforms and used out of the box. Our intuitive interfaces make it easy to navigate and find what you're looking for. By using our software your website design, branding and layout can be securely updated. You can add content, build your own templates and select from an extensive choice of responsive web designs for phone, tablet, laptop, PC and devices.

When developing a website, many businesses are faced with the challenge of developing and managing one central system specific to their own needs.

This is where we come in…

We partner with multiple leading software and technology programmes around the world and securely share data with other systems using APIs and IT best practices. Our clients have worked with us to develop custom modules with extended options for finance, marketing, sales, products, services and more. You can import or create custom field sets for almost anything - people, animals, business, locations, tasks, events, equipment, assets, item, parts, machines, tickets, QRs, NFCs, properties, consignments, membership, subscriptions, devices and more.

Dotser CRM & Service Desk allows you to manage your customers, suppliers and contacts - service tickets, enquiries, call notes and support log with simple search and filters. You can set multiple status options and define notification settings and workflow for key elements of your online business.

Dotser is a single point of contact to deliver one core system to manage and scale your business. With over 20 years experience, we have developed a real understanding of our customer needs and have earned a proven track record in our core markets; commerce, resource and event management.

Commerce - Selling online - Products, parts, tools, machinery,
Resource Management - Circular economy for electrical and electronic equipment
Event Management - Centralised platform to manage events, conferences, fairs and shows

Some of the software technology and tools we’ve developed (available through our platforms) include content management, ecommerce, order management, CRM - customer relationship management, ERP - enterprise resource planning, contract management, invoicing, stock control, supply chain, event management, team, tasks, search engine optimisation, social media management and many other key business functions.

Through a partnership approach, our high performing (backed by Enterprise Ireland and nominated for multiple national awards including the 2021 DMA Best Digital Agency <15 employees) multidisciplinary team of problem solvers, visionaries, strategists, and innovators work hard to carve out solutions specific to your needs and the needs in your industry.

If you are in commerce, resource or event management you should be using our software to deliver on KPIs and quality assurance with agreed indicators and analytic reporting. You can securely manage all users, data access and export rights. These unique software solutions with regular updates and growing payment gateway partnerships, provide for the safest, most secure, and best performing websites in the market.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Community development, promoting mental health and promoting STEM learning is at the heart of Dotser's corporate social responsibility.

Dotser has dedicated thousands of free website development hours to causes we care greatly about. These include Tullamore Tidy Towns, Accessible Counselling Tullamore, Chamber of Commerce, local clubs, events and charities, SuperShow sponsor LEGO & photographic competitions at agricultural shows around the world.