Thrace Synthetic

Thrace Synthetic Packaging Ltd. is one of the leading producers and suppliers of technical fabrics and industrial packaging products in Ireland.

Thrace Synthetic Packaging Ltd. was first founded in Ireland in 1865 when the company was involved in manufacturing woven technical fabrics from Jute and producing packaging products from Jute and cotton. Almost 150 years later, the company continues its operations from Clara, County Offaly.

Thrace manufacture and supply a range of technical fabrics to the construction, agriculture and horticulture industry, and also manufacture and supply a wide range of packaging solutions.


Thrace Synthetic Packaging is a subsidiary of a larger international group and found the international website was not performing to generate new enquiries and sales leads within the Irish market.

Previously with their own independent website they enjoyed top Google rankings for their target keyword within their industry sector.

Dotser were engaged to develop a new website that kept inline with the look and feel of the Thrace group website while clearly focused on delivering a first page listing for the main areas of business.