KMK Metals Recycling

KMK Metals Recycling is the industry leader for the recycling of metals processing over 75% of Ireland's electrical and electronic waste.

KMK Metals Recycling is the industry leader for the recycling of metals and applies the highest of standards and compliance with extensive accreditations and approved quality management systems .

KMK recycle over 70% of Ireland's electronic and electrical waste and also have a custom built battery recycling facility on site sorting and processing Irelands used batteries.

With 36 years of metal recycling experience, KMK Metals provide desk-side metals waste management solutions, including metal and battery collection and recycling certification services.


As the leading metals recycling facility in Ireland, KMK Metals Recycling Ltd. wished to present their service offering in a dynamic and flexible format to its customers.

Dotser reviewed KMK's needs closely to ensure the website fulfilled its many requirements for current and prospective customers and KMK staff alike.

KMK have attained high standards and accreditation in the metals recycling industry and customers use the website to keep up-to-date on the company's permits, licenses and policies contained in their 'Audit Us' section. KMK staff can quickly and easily edit the relevant documentation and can immediately upload new files as they change, ensuring all the information is current.

KMK Metals Recycling also appear on the top of Google for an agreed set of key terms in their industry.
For example search for 'metals recycling' - and you will find KMK top of the natural listings.

Dotser provide ongoing web development and online marketing support to ensure KMK Metals Recycling are leaders in their industry online and offline.