Heartworks are the leading producer of handmade slate gifts in Ireland.

Working almost entirely in salvaged slate, Heartworks Handmade Gifts create unique clocks, mirrors, picture frames and a variety of other handmade slate design products and handmade gifts. Each crafted slate piece is designed and handmade in our Tullamore studio in the centre of Ireland.

Heartwork's slate designs and handmade gifts feature etched patterns and decorative flourishes of metallic paints in earthy rusts, gold, bronze, and vibrant colours.

Heartworks also work to commission, creating unique handmade pieces that offer more scope and creative freedom. It is often these one-off pieces that will inspire a new range of handmade gift products, a new use of colour or introduce a new style or shape.


Heartworks use the Dotser Web Shop to manage their extensive catalogue of handmade gifts for sale online.

All Heartwork handmade products are entered into the Dotser product database and assigned to an appropriate product page/category. Heartwork staff have the flexibility to create new products and product categories on the fly and have built up an extensive array of categories and sub categories to guide the visitor in the right direction to find the handmade gift they are seeking.

Heartworks can be found on the top of Google natural listings for 'slate' and 'slate gifts' and are consistently improving their top page ranking for 'Handmade gifts Ireland'