Cork Summer Show

Dotser are the online technology partner to the Cork summer Show, one of the largest events of it's kind in Ireland.

The Cork Summer Show uses the Dotser developed 'SuperShow' management system to manage the competitions at one of Ireland'sleading agricultural shows. The SuperShow management system has improved efficiencies, considerably reduced administration time and costs, while simplifying and automating agricultural show procedures for the Cork Summer Show

Dotser have developed Super Show, a one stop solution that simplifies and automates the application and payment process for trade exhibitions and show competitions for leading agricultural shows.

At Cork Summer Show, over 500 competitors registered 1,400 entries in over 400 classes in the numerous show categories including livestock, horses, sheep, horticulture, cookery, and other skill competitions.

The quick adoption of the SuperShow system by the agricultural show exhibitors and competitors is testament to its simple layout and staged application process.

With the onus on the applicant to submit the information into a secure integrated system, huge pressure is lifted from the agricultural show organising committee. Applications can be searched, approved and processed very easily which reduces the time spent on these show management functions by at least 50%.

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The Super Show system manages the competitions and payments in an efficient and professional manner and frees up show personnel to focus on other vital issues.

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