Lean resource management and ERP software help drive efficiencies and compliance

WeRP Software
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WeRP is cloud based lean resource management software -

The WeRP system drives operational efficiencies and improves compliance in the ewaste recycling management process.

Addressing increased recycling compliance requirements at each step of the resource management cycle: customer collection request, logistical planning, automated task sequencing, material management and invoice auditing. 

Providing secure real-time access to relevant information on all areas of your business processes.

Access Control - Users only see information and tasks relevant to their roles: Drivers, operators, hauliers, contractors, customers, administration, accounts personnel and management.

WeRP - Lean Resource Management Platform

  • Waste Recycling Processes
    Initiate and control lean waste processes within your recycling business
  • Customers
    Manage and find customers, contacts and key information 
  • Sites
    Manage and easily find customer sites, contacts and key information
  • Orders
    Manage and easily find order information at each stage of the recycling process
  • Loads
    Control and manage logistics by effectively streamlining orders into optimised loads
  • Collection Requests
    Allow customers initiate collection and delivery requests

Lean Resource Management Software

■ Complete software product
■ Reduce total cost of ownership
■ Drives lean processes
■ Circular economy ready