Agricultural Show management software - website, membership, sponsors, competition & trade

SuperShow Show Management Platform - Competition Management, Live Reporting, Catalogue Production, Memberships, Exhibitions, Dedicated Support, Virtual Show Add-On...all in one mature and trusted platform.

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Key Features:

  • Competitions
    Setup and manage classes, prizes, judges and sponsors. Publish your show schedule, catalogue, payout letters and results in one secure central system.
  • Trade Exhibitions
    Setup & manage trade areas with space sizes, fees & required documents, logos & details. Control approvals & assign spaces. Publish exhibitor listings to the online trade directory.
  • Website Management
    Manage content and text for web pages, products, news & events. Manage images, embed YouTube videos and attach files. Share pages direct to social media.
  • Membership
    Simplify your membership on-boarding process and accept membership payments anytime with automated renewal notifications.
  • Track & Trace
    Secure central system for contact tracing. Register & store all attendees. View attendee details at gate check-in. Automatically delete data after set period.
  • Virtual Shows
    Manage real and virtual events in one central place. Assign classes as virtual to allow exhibitors to enter with photos and videos uploaded online.

Your Competition Management Portal

  • Manage your Website, Competitions, Trade Stands & Shop in one space! Features include:
    • Show Sections, Categories & Divisions
    • Manage agricultural show sections and sub sections with title, descriptions and images. More details on our Competition Management page.
  • Competition Classes
    • Add and edit class number, class title, description, section, category, sub category (if applicable), levy, class criteria and competition rules. 
  • Manage Competitors and Entrants for example:
    • Horses - Showjumping: Name of Animal, Owner, Rider, SJI Membership (not required), Reg. No. of Premises, Sex: gelding, colt, filly, mare, stallion, Passport No., Transport Vehicle Reg. No. (not required)
    • Sheep: Flock No., Tag No. (optional), Transport Vehicle Reg. No. (optional). 
  • Show Results & Payouts
    • Competition Results. Enter live results as they occur through mobile phone/ipad.
    • Winning Payouts When all results are entered into the system, it  can automatically create an Excel file for mail merge to complete payout report, letters and labels. 
  • Manage Sponsors, Prizes & Judges for example:
    • Manage sponsors with name, contacts, logos, detail, pledge amount, web link and display in the class that they have sponsored.
    • Manage agricultural show judges with name, address, phone, email, accommodation, travel details etc.
    • Assign show judges to classes. 


All the reports you 1 Click!

Provide Show organisers with live information to make better informed decisions for e.g. Class Schedule, Head of Sections report, full competition entry report, latest entries report, online ticket sales report, sponsor report (sponsor, class, amount committed, payment type, paid/unpaid), Judges report (name, address, phone, affiliation, ID, accommodation, travel plans, expenses, assigned classes), committee report: (name, address, phone, email, area responsible), and more.


  • create custom online views with filtering for show committee members and heads of section to have up to the minute access to view competition entries etc.
  • Create competitor labels and exhibitor numbers when posting out Competitor packs
  • Create payment reports by customer name or payment type, including credit card, cash, cheque, and bank transfer.
  • See our Reports section for more examples.


 Automatically produce your Agricultural Show Catalogue (in one click)

  • Programme Schedule & Catalogue
  • Create the Competition schedule output in PDF, ready for printers for print.
  • Create Show catalogue for print
  • Design an integrated system to automate, where possible, the creation of important printed documents including Class schedule, Show catalogue, Show results.


Manage Memberships

Simplify your membership on-boarding process and accept membership payments anytime with automated renewal notifications. Read our show membership section for more on this.


Manage Trade Exhibitions

  • Enjoy a simple online trade exhibition application process
  • Manage trade space options with type, size, price per stand, graphic, electricity, water, insurance documents, indoor/outdoor, discount, cost.
  • Capture product/services being solds
  • Filter completed exhibitor applications
  • Search and sort by company, name, stand number, type, etc

Trade Exhibitor Applications

  • Exhibitors apply for trade stands online, through a simple-to-use web-based exhibition management system which will guide the applicant through the registration process with drop-down selection boxes and detailed forms to collect company contact information, stand requirements, traders products and services, insurance documents, health & safety details & payment information.
  • Exhibitors can view their account, booked spaces, upload insurance details and pay fees online.


Dedicated Support & Training

Enjoy a simple-to-use system (designed for all pc abilities), and a dedicated SuperShow manager on-hand to assist with any queries you may have and training requirements.

Response to all enquiries is within 4 hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) and during specific show times.


Virtual Shows

The SuperShow Virtual Edition of our leading show management software, allows shows and events to quickly adapt to manage show competitions and trade exhibition stands online.

SuperShow Virtual allows exhibitors enter competitions by uploading videos, photographs and files into our cloud based system.

Visit our Virtual Shows sections to see some of the shows that benefited from this add-on in the past year.


One Central Portal

The SuperShow content platform is designed to simplify uploading and editing you website content. In here, you can control your website’s structure, enter and edit content, and receive help and support from the helpdesk.