Powerful fundraising platform which integrates with social media to maximise your campaigns reach

Millions Raised for Sports Clubs & Charities
Average Campaigns raise over €100K

Fundraising platform 

  • Online Registration (charge registration fee option)
  • Each registered user account has an editable profile, image & links.
  • Invite your friends to sponsor you and donate
  • Share your user profile page to posts and stories on TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn
  • One click to sponsor/donate
  • Track live total raised for each participant
  • Track live total raised
  • Website management
    Manage content and text for web pages, products, news & events. Manage images, embed YouTube videos and attach files. Share pages direct to social media.
  • Track & Trace
    Register & store all participants/attendees. View participant/attendee details at gate check-in. Automatically delete data after set period.
  • Virtual Shows / Events
    Manage real and virtual events in one central place.
    Virtual classes allow exhibitors to enter with photos and videos uploaded online.

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