Trade Exhibition Management Goes to the Cloud

   23 Nov 2015

Dotser's new cloud based software, Super Show, greatly simplifies the management of shows.

The simplification of the trade stand application process was celebrated with the launch of Ireland's largest one day show, the Tullamore Show.

Trade Space Management

  • Simple online trade application process
  • Manage trade space options with type, size, price per stand, graphic, electricity, water, insurance documents, indoor/outdoor, discount, cost.
  • Capture product/services being sold
  • Trader must accept Terms and Conditions
  • Filter completed applications
  • Search and sort by company, name, stand number, type, etc
  • Attach insurance documents to each application for approval
  • Allocate numbering location area to approved space
  • Export listing to Excel, csv, Access, Word, PDF
  • Create Trade Exhibitor list

Trade Exhibitor Applications

  • Exhibitors will be able to apply for trade stands online, through a simple-to-use web-based system which will guide the applicant through the registration process with drop-down selection boxes and detailed forms to collect company contact information, stand requirements, traders products and services, insurance details & payment information.
  • Exhibitors can view their account, booked spaces, upload insurance details and pay fees online.

Visit www.supershowmanagementsystem.com by Dotser to find out more details or contact us here to book your free demo now.