5 restaurant website requirements that offer great customer service

When we go to a restaurant we expect a great meal and customer service. So surely we should also expect a great service from a restaurant's website as well?

Generally, most restaurants will go over and beyond to please their customers. But what about the customer's experience before entering the restaurant? This is just as important. Especially when it comes to creating an impression on first-time customers.

Whether a restaurant has been recommended or we discover it online we may still need to go to their website for directions or contact details or to make a booking. If you're a foodie or fussy eater you'll want to check out the menus. You need to provide the best customer user experience on your website so you don't miss out on or lose potential customers. 

Having recently completed a website upgrade for the Blue Apron Restaurant, Dotser recommends these 5 'must haves' on restaurant websites:

5 restaurant website requirements that offer great customer service

1. A 'clickable' button with the restaurant number prominently displayed at the top of the website. This may sound like an obvious one but you wouldn't believe the number of times we go to call a number from a website and it doesn't work. It's very frustrating!

2. Make it easy for customers to find you by embedding Google Maps into your website. More details on that here.

3. Offer customers the option to book online and check restaurant availability anytime from anywhere.

4. Offer customers the choice to purchase gift vouchers online. This gives your customers so much convenience. It's a useful gift they can purchase online and get delivered. 

5. Another important customer requirement is to easily find opening hours. We recommend either featuring a button or tab for opening hours in the website header or menu. Make it really easy to find!

Creating all these features on your website offers more than convenience for your customers. It also helps to cut down on queries or voucher purchases during busy restaurant hours.

Check out what we did for the Blue Apron Restaurant or get in touch if you are thinking of upgrading your restaurant website.


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