Tue, 18th Sep, 2018

Innovative animal bedding solutions in light of fodder crisis in agri sector.

The summers weather has deeply effected the farming sector across the board impacting silage growth (or lack of) to harvest crop yield. With low animal fodder stocks throughout Ireland and the UK and soaring price of straw, farmers are looking at alternative sources of animal bedding for livestock, sheep and poultry to get them through the winter. Coming to the fore as the solution of choice is quality peat moss with its many beneficial elements including transport, hygiene, animal comfort and most importantly cost.

Mor Peat Moss offers quality fibrous peat moss, delivered direct to the farmer at competitive prices. The family run business based in Ballycrystal, Geashill, County Offaly will be at the Ploughing championships and are accepting orders for immediate delivery. Get you order in while stocks last -