Marketing Support Plans

   10 Jan 2017

Let us be your marketing department! As you settle back into the new year, don't settle back into your old ways.

Don't ignore the forever growing list of marketing tasks that has built up since this time last year.

  • Inconsistent branding across web, social media & print advertising
  • Website not optimised for mobile
  • Neglected website content
  • Out of date news items
  • Stale social media posts
  • Poor Google ranking
  • No communication with your customers apart from invoicing
  • Old contacts in your customer database

Dotser has 16 years of marketing experience and maximising the opportunities for businesses using the internet.

Dotser has developed an effective strategy to market your business. Rather you trying to manage your marketing yourself, partner with Dotser to rollout an agreed marketing strategy at an agreed monthly budget. 

Why choose Dotser as your marketing partner?

  • Experienced marketing company with proven track record
  • We deliver essential marketing tasks on time and at an agreed management cost.
  • Most cost effective way to deliver your marketing function
  • Free up management time to complete other important tasks

Get in touch today to see how we can help.