Why Schools should think Digital!

   28 Apr 2016

Much of the world has gone digital. Every child nowadays is glued to their smartphones. They will never experience a time before the digital age!

Today, businesses and organisations are utilising the web to increase productivity and growth. They need to do this to remain relevant in this fast-paced digital world. So, it only makes sense that schools get on board too and embrace digital.

Recently Dotser were approached by two schools with the following brief:

They needed a new website which portrayed the school’s activities, as well as it’s achievements. The site also needed to be used as a data resource for students and teachers.

Here's what we did:

We developed a comprehensive online resource with an integrated media feed. Content can be easily updated on a regular basis by teachers and students using the Dotser CMS.


What were the benefits?


Staff & Teachers:

  • Improved administration processes
  • An opportunity to promote the school to potential new students


  • They can share ideas, events & achievements


  • Review school policies, calendar events and the latest news

For some parents, it's an opportunity to proudly share with family and friends their kid's achievements.


So what does it really mean for schools that embrace digital? Increased productivity, promotion, and digital marketing, teachers, students and parents can all keep connected, the list goes on and on...

Here at Dotser, we think it's crucial that all schools get on board and go digital. Of course, we would be happy to help!