Mon, 9th May, 2022

Dotser Agri and Dotser Tools Suite of Software Integration Platforms.

Dotser has released an updated suite of software integration solutions for online businesses in the Agri/Machinery and Tools/Hardware markets.

The suite of integration solutions includes the products Dotser Agri and Dotser Tools: two platforms designed and developed specifically for the agri, machinery and tools and hardware markets.

These platforms have the ability to integrate with key product information management systems such as IBCOS, M1, Autoview, Agility, Navision, Easy-Retail, Dynamics.

As such, clients can reap benefits such as increased sales both online and over the counter, increases in customer retention through features such as live stock information, increase in product lines, reporting, and invoicing all managed on one central platform.

Dotser Agri, and Dotser Tools already serve major companies in the marketplaces, such as Abbey Machinery, Abbey Q-Parts, Whelan’s Garage, WR Shaw, My-Tools, OZX Group and Carey Tools, and the feedback has been very positive. 

Dotser Agri and Dotser Tools - Key Features and Benefits:

  • Integration solutions for dealer management systems/PIMS (IIBCOS, M1, Autoview, Agility, Navision, Easy-Retail, Dynamics)
    • Manage 1000's of products in an easy-to-use product management database
    • Bulk import process for product and images
    • Quotation / Ordering / Shopping cart management
    • Website setup & content editor - Dotser Content Management System (CMS)
    • Machinery management - New & used
    • Parts management
  • Full eCommerce website with payment, order, shipping and product management:
    • Product, stock & order integration
    • Integrates with a range of Payment Gateways - Stripe, Opayo / Elavon, Global Payments, PayPal.
    • Includes Dotser Commerce website management tool to update and maintain corporate site content.
  • Easily manage and update product database
    • Realtime updates synchronised with ERP / ePOS product data
    • Add own branded items by title, code, type, description, image & price
    • Assign products to multiple pages/categories
  • Mobile responsivenes.
    • All solutions are fully mobile responsive.
  • Website security
    • Secure Cloud Hosting and the safest payment gateways.
  • Opportunity to Scale Business
    • Grow, adapt and convert through our scalable platforms.
  • Dedicated business partner. 
    • Assigned to work in partnership throughout the entire process.

Full details on the Dotser Agri and Dotser Tools are available at and

To discuss or explore if Dotser Agri or Dotser Tools could work for you, contact us today to arrange a meeting or demonstration.