Sun, 16th May, 2021

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Covid-19 means the online space just got a lot more competitive, so now you need to align your resources to ensure your brand and products are highly visible across search engines and social.

There is no point in having a beautifully crafted website for your retail business if your order inbox lies empty or your sales dashboard remains flat.

Are you just ticking the eCommerce box or truly committed to growing a successful online business? Sitting on the fence is not the best option.

Loughnan Hooper, Dotser founder, advises companies to dig deeper and challenge themselves if they are barely tipping their hat to their digital strategy.

“The website can look beautiful, and we have had new clients come to us that are questioning why they are only getting a few online orders. The key is being found on Google and I’m not talking about the easy stuff. Finding your business name on the first page of Google is nothing to celebrate and should be a given. I am talking about competitive keywords that directly re-
late to your products and services in your industry sector,” he said.

“It makes sense that potential customers will use Google to check suppliers and pricing at least once in the sales cycle. Many elements will influence the sale conversion including simplicity to order, brand value, trust and price. If you are not on first page search results, you are not competing at the level expected. If you’re serious about getting my business, make sure you can be found easily.”

The cloud-based business solutions company’s e-commerce platform, Dotser Commerce, boasts online tools to manage products, orders, web content, search engine optimisation and social media integration in one secure central system. “When we were building the platform initially, we had three key building blocks,” said Hooper. “Obviously, the sites have to look professional on desk-top and mobile – that’s a given. As a user, you want to be able to easily edit every piece of text and images in the system and we have new users telling us how simple and intuitive Dotser Commerce is.

“Then thirdly, that we would achieve top Google natural rankings for our clients which we have proven time and time again for valuable and competitive keywords, which doesn’t happen over-night and we get there with a realistic and informed digital strategy.”

Obviously the online world has evolved since Dotser was founded in 2000 and over two decades the team has contributed in no small way to building clients’ sales revenue with clever digital strategies that differentiate their offering from competitors, namely achieving higher natural ranking and improving conversion rates of online visitors.

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