Dotser CMS & SEO - Cost effective online marketing solutions

   13 Jan 2016

All-in-one package: - Domain, hosting, email, web design, graphics, CMS, SEO, social media, training & support.

Dotser Business is a packaged web design solution that can get your company website up and running in 2 weeks.

With a choice of unique clean crisp designs and our simple to use content management system, you can add and edit text and photos with ease.

Dotser are an experienced team that ensure your domain, website and mail are always working and that you get the highest Google ranking possible.

We have condensed all our core services into an all-in-one price that includes domain registration, design, training, consultancy and 3 months hands-on online marketing ensures your business has a quantifiable key objective as the cornerstone of your digital strategy.

We commit to getting you to the top of Google over a 3 month period. Although no one can truly guarantee a top ranking, we have not failed yet in over 300 projects. We have no intention of dropping the ball for your business.

Dotser Business 
- Domain registration
- Website hosting
- Email addresses
- Unique web design & graphics
- CMS: Content Management System
- Search engine optimisation management (for 3 months)
- Google analytics
- Training (Live online)
- Support

€2,950 (excluding vat)

- Social media management - 2 hours (add €95 per month)
- Newsletter management - 2 hours (add €95 per month)
- Quarterly meeting, online marketing consultancy (add €195 per month)

Call Dotser sales today for the best digital marketing solution for your business.