Sun, 18th Mar, 2018

Dotser teamed together with a number of local businesses to create a colourful float that entertained the crowds

‘Fairy Garden’

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Tullamore brought together several local businesses working on a colourful project to highlight the important role Dochas and the Hospice plays in everyday life in Tullamore and Offaly.

Regardless of race, colour, creed, rich or poor, good or evil - the harsh reality is everybody at the parade will at some stage pass from this world and many of us will come in direct contact with these local support organisations, their services and their volunteers through sickness, recovery and ultimately death.

The ‘Fairy Garden’ was developed as a symbol of the fact that we are all passing through this world and we should make every effort to make our lives as colourful and fruitful as possible interacting positively with the magical world around us. At some stage in the process we have to pick ourselves up by whatever means possible and get on with our lives…with a positive attitude and making the most of our short time on this planet.

Life should be celebrated in all its glory while remembering and never forgetting the spirit of our long distant ancestors, friends and loved ones that have gone before us.

The group was justly rewarded with ‘Best Business Entry’ on the day and looks forward to developing this community initiative in the future.

Special thanks to local businesses Dotser Web & Marketing, KMK Metals Recycling, Long Haul Commercials and Little Big Town for working together to create this memorable float entry – ‘Fairy Garden’, which entertained the crowds and brought an abundance of creativity and colour to a bitter cold day on the streets of Tullamore.