Wed, 13th Apr, 2022

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There are lots of subtle yet really beneficial changes and trends happening in social media channels this month. Here’s a quick snapshot for you…

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Latest Instagram Trends
Looking to yield better engagement results? Meta recently shared a list of best practices and content formats trending on Instagram. These include:

  • Live Q&A’s
  • Telling the story behind your products for e.g. through how it’s made style videos.
  • Short-form videos built upon trending audio clips (most popular in Reels)
  • Massive interest in holistic wellness and mental health care
  • Creators gaining celebrity status

Instagram are bringing back the chronological feed for followers and a new feature for favourites.

The favourites feature will allow for greater engagement as users can customize their accounts to see and engage with what they’re really interested in. This is great news for business accounts from a targeting perspective, as end goals such as increased engagement, brand penetration, and sales should be achieved with less resources and spend.

For the user, the Favorites feed will also be in chronological order and will consist of content from up to 50 accounts of their choosing. Posts from accounts in Favorites will also show up higher in the Home feed, giving them an extra visibility boost while the user is scrolling.

It’s worth noting that the default Home feed will remain the same as it is now. According to Head of Instagram’s Adam Mosseri, "It's going to continue to be ranked. It's going to continue to be personalized. We believe in personalization." So, expect more suggested content (like Reels) popping up.


Hashtags on Instagram don’t improve reach.

Speaking further on the latest changes to Instagram, Adam Mosseri pointed out that the purpose of hashtags on Instagram is to categorize content. And that’s where it stops. 

He advises users not to invest too much time in hashtag research and to redirect attention to creating engaging content which will reward you with likes, comments, saves and tapping through your profile.The more these actions are achieved, the more that Algorithm will present your profile to more users.

Basically, if Instagram picks up that users are engaging and spending time with your content, the platform will suggest it to more people through the Explore page, top posts on hashtag pages, and suggested posts in the home feed


'Facebook Reels' is being rolled out globally.

Mark Zuckerberg recently acknowledged that Reels is Meta's (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp parent company) fastest growing content format and video accounts for almost half of the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram.

Reels was initially introduced on Facebook’s US apps (just a few months ago) quickly following its success on Instagram (just over a year ago) and is now being rolled out globally bringing the short video format to its iOS and Android apps in more than 150 countries.

Facebook has also added new editing options for the short videos, and new monetisation tools that include overlay ads. This includes Remix, which allows content creators to make their own reel alongside an existing public reel, and the ability to make reels up to 60 seconds long.

Future features include drafts and video clipping to allow creators to test out different formats.

Profile videos are no more.
Facebook recently removed their profile video feature, so best to review your profile if you did have one in place!

To see your old profile videos:

  • Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook.
  • Click Videos at the top of your profile. If you can't see this, click More. Then click Manage sections, select Videos and click Save.
  • Click Your videos.
  • You can select a video and click  in the top right to download or delete it. You can also edit the privacy of old profile videos using the audience selector.


Latest Tik Tok updates - new features in Green Screen, one-tap video enhancements, new sound effects.

  • GIPHY in Green Screen

TikTok users can now select from a library of GIFs to apply as their background when they use the Green Screen creative effect. Whether looking for the perfect reaction GIF or showcasing an iconic meme, GIPHY in Green Screen unlocks exciting new opportunities for creativity and storytelling.

  • One-tap visual enhancement

The new Visual Enhancement button will improve exposure, low-light, and color correction instantly.

  • New musical and animal voice effects

With this fun new feature, users can make any sound or voice from their videos sound like an animal or musical instrument.Record your video and then on the Editing page tap the "Voice Effects" button on the right panel. Select from one of the three new options to transform the audio in your video to sound like a suona, flute, or cat.

  • High Quality Uploading

People can now choose to upload their videos in 1080p, allowing creators to share high quality content and audiences to enjoy an optimized viewing experience. Record or upload your video, then on the Publishing page tap on "More options." Toggle on the "Upload HD" setting to publish your video in up to 1080p resolution.


Max video length on TikTok is now 10 minutes (up from the previous 3 minutes).
This change, which is rolling out globally over the next few weeks, follows months of testing. It is a huge jump from the original video length limitation of just 15 seconds.


You will soon be able to edit old Tweets.

Twitter confirmed last week that it is working on this feature over the last year, and it will be available in the coming months. In the meantime, Twitter is rolling out the ability to pin the Latest timeline to your Home tab.

The Home and Latest timelines are now just a swipe away for everyone on iOS, and soon on Android and web.

Tap the  icon to pin (or unpin) the Latest timeline to your Home tab for easy access.

The LinkedIn Pages Newsletter has started to roll out.

The LinkedIn newsletter is basically a feed of your LinkedIn content that you curate for your audience. It can include images you’ve shared, videos you’ve posted, articles you’ve written—anything that you can write into a LinkedIn article can be pushed into a link to the newsletter and shared with your audience.

Here's how you can check if you have it.

1) Go into Page Admin View of your Page.
2) Click on write article.

It will give you the option to create a newsletter. If it's not there already, it will be soon.