Drive Your Business Online

 Wed, 27th Nov, 2019
  15:00  -  17:00
  Tullamore Court Hotel

Free presentation on essential elements to help improve your website, ecommerce, social media and search engine performance.

Presenter: Loughnan Hooper, Managing Director, Dotser Ltd.

With over 20 years experience building online software and lean systems including websites, ecommerce and mobile web applications, Dotser is the leading Web & Marketing company in the midlands with over 400 clients throughout Ireland. Using case studies, Loughnan will share his knowledge and outline effective ways to manage your website content and acheive high rankings in Google search results - ultimately leading to more enquiries and increased sales.
The event is free to attend and will be an opportunity to network with other businesses and learn how to improve your online presence.

Date: Wednesday 27th November
Time: 3-5pm
Location: Manly Suite, Tullamore Court Hotel